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If I Were Told the Future - Test 1

Can We Know the Future?

In order to check your understanding and your progress in the study of the Word of God, we invite you to fill out this short test and return it to us. The correct answers will be sent back to you as soon as possible.

A mark of 70% or better will allow you to submit the test of Lesson 2. Upon the completion of the entire Bible course If I Were Told the Future, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

If I Were Told the Future: Test for Lesson 1

  1. In the book of the prophet Isaiah, God challenges all the fakes and false prophets: «Declare us things to . Show the things that are to come , that we may know that you are

  2. The book of Proverbs clearly reminds us of our limits about knowing the future: «Boast not yourself of , for you know not what a day may forth.»

  3. According to the Bible, who is a reliable source for prophetic revelations? (Check off all the right answers.)

  4. The book of Amos indicates God’s intention concerning His knowledge of the future: «Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He reveals His to His servants the Here are good news!

  5. In order to illustrate the importance of studying Bible prophecy, the Second Epistle of Peter compares the prophetic word to:
    «a pearl of great price.»
    «a light that shines in a dark place.»
    «a cord that is not quickly broken.»
    «a refining pot that tests the hearts.»

  6. The book of Deuteronomy makes this amazing prediction concerning the Jewish people: «You shall become an , a , and a , among all nations where the Lord shall lead you.» It would have been difficult to better describe what the Jewish people were going to experience in the course of history.

  7. In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus pronounces the following prophecy: «See you not all these things? Truly I say to you, there shall not be left here one stone on another, that shall not be thrown down.» What building was He talking about?
    King Herod’s palace in Jericho.
    The fortress of Masada.
    The temple of Jerusalem.
    The synagogue at Capernaum.

  8. What are the main goals of studying Bible prophecy? (Check off all the right answers.)
    Satisfying our curiosity.
    Developing our faith.
    Exciting our imagination.
    Maintaining our hope.

  9. According to the book of Habakkuk, Bible prophecy is understandable and reliable: «Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run that it. For the vision is yet for an time, but at the end it shall speak, and not . Though it tarry, wait for it; because it will come, it will not tarry.»

  10. And finally, this statement from God, as reported in the book of Isaiah, prepares us for our next lesson: «Behold, the former things are come to , and things do I declare: before they spring forth I you of them.»

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