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If I Were Told the Future - Test 40

Hail and Fire Mingled with Blood

In order to check your understanding and your progress in the study of the Word of God, we invite you to fill out this short test and return it to us. The correct answers will be sent back to you as soon as possible.

A mark of 70% or better will allow you to submit the test of Lesson 41. Upon the completion of the entire Bible course If I Were Told the Future, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

If I Were Told the Future: Test for Lesson 40

  1. The seven trumpets of Revelation aim at denouncing the apostasy prevailing inside and outside the Church. Now, apostasy was almost absent during the first period of the Christian Church, from A.D. 31 to 100, as described in the first letter of Revelation, addressed to the church of , and the first seal of Revelation, that is, the rider on a horse. So the trumpets begin to sound with the second period of the Christian Church.

  2. At the sound of the first trumpet of Revelation, the following scene is presented: «The first angel sounded. And there followed and fire mingled with , and they were cast on the earth: and the third part of was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.» The Word of God will give us the keys we need to decode this symbolism.

  3. The key to understanding the first trumpet of Revelation is found in an Old Testament story, which is closely linked to the symbolism of this trumpet. What is that story?
    The Flood.
    The Plagues of Egypt.
    The Red Sea Crossing.
    The Destruction of Jericho.

  4. On several occasions in the Bible, hail and fire are sent by God in order to punish a specific sin. What is that sin?
    Coveting the property of others.
    Stealing the property of others.
    Transgressing the Sabbath day.
    Oppressing the people of God.

  5. The judgments of the seven trumpets of Revelation usually strike only a part of the world. Which fraction is most often used in the trumpets, to illustrate this partial punishment?
    «The tenth.»
    «The fourth.»
    «The third.»
    «The half.»

  6. In the first trumpet of Revelation, what do trees represent?
    The gospel.
    Earthly kingdoms.
    Trees, literally.

  7. In the first trumpet of Revelation, the prophecy says that «all green grass was burnt up.» Now, the Bible often uses grass to symbolize the frailty of men, as illustrated here by the book of Psalms: «Fret not yourself because of , neither be you envious against the workers of . For they shall soon be down like the grass, and as the green herb.»

  8. When the first trumpet of Revelation sounds, who is the oppressor of God’s people?
    The Roman Empire.

  9. To make the plague of hail and fire stop, Pharaoh temporarily confessed his sin. Many centuries later, the Roman Empire, just like Pharaoh who was driven more by ambition than by sincere repentance, tried to draw closer to God, in order to make stop the hail and fire of the first trumpet of Revelation. Indeed, in A.D. , Emperor decreed the Edict of , which made Christianity the Empire’s official religion, and put an end to the persecution of the Christians.

  10. The book of Exodus explains what Pharaoh did, when the plague of hail and fire was over: «And when Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the thunders were , he yet more, and his heart, he and his servants.» But another plague was in store for Pharaoh, just as a second trumpet is about to sound for the Roman Empire, who will start oppressing God’s people again.

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