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The Moment of Truth

What People Are Saying About This Course

Here are some of the comments we have received so far concerning our Bible course The Moment of Truth.

To send us your own comments, please visit the section Contact Us. Thanks a lot!

What people are saying about The Moment of Truth

«We are learning a great deal by doing your online Bible study The Moment of Truth. We have read the Bible for many years and so far your lessons have enlightened us more than we have ever been before.»
Robert C. (New York, USA)

«I am currently working my way through The Moment of Truth lessons online and am enjoying them immensely. I am Personal Ministries leader in my local church and was interested to view the lessons first hand to better prepare me for recommending (or otherwise) to fellow members and non church members as to their relevance and content. I am happy to say I’ve recommended them to a number of people so far and look forward to sharing this information with many others.»
Kevin C. (Australia)

«I am filled with admiration for the work you do through the Bible lessons on the Internet and the Bible software. Your objective is really divine. I join you in making your Bible courses The Moment of Truth and If I Were Told the Future known to others, to all my friends.»
Romeo T. (French Polynesia)

«I am enjoying The Moment of Truth lessons. They are very interesting and thorough. Each time I finish a lesson I am torn between lingering and meditating on what I just covered, or moving on to the next. Thanks for the nice lessons and your dedication to spreading the everlasting gospel.»
Darryl B. (Texas, USA)

«You have linked together so many scriptures it is amazing. God be praised. I have encouraged an elder from our church to start The Moment of Truth lessons, and he and his wife are now doing The Moment of Truth. May God bless you all richly.»
Vaughn S. (Trinidad and Tobago)

«I have finished all of the lessons in the series The Moment of Truth. I have enjoyed going through the lessons. I appreciate the service you are providing to the public, with these lessons you have put online. It is obvious that somebody has put a lot of time and effort into producing this! You did a great job!»
Kay J. (Utah, USA)

«Thank you for your Bible course The Moment of Truth. Your work is very praiseworthy and I pray that it may be successful, contributing to bringing as many people as possible to Jesus Christ. May our God bless you abundantly, you and your ministry.»
Vedaste H. (France)

«I am enthusiastically impressed by your online website. I have been so moved by it, that I would like to use it in seminar form. I would like to use The Moment of Truth as an online class for our Church’s website. I have been so impressed that I have begun to take the lessons myself to sharpen my knowledge in this area. No one can ever get enough of God’s eternal truths!»
David G. (Michigan, USA)

«Thanks for your devotion. From one lesson to another, I realize that your Bible course The Moment of Truth is really what is needed to lead people to God. Thank you again.»
Claudy F. (Belgium)

«I have been looking for a good set of lessons online to send to my husband’s brother, who lives in Michigan. He has a bright mind, so he will need to have something challenging like you have here with The Moment of Truth. God bless your ministry.»
Sharon H. (Florida, USA)

«I really am enjoying your Bible study course The Moment of Truth. I’m learning so much. God bless you.»
Adele B. (Canada)

«This is the third time that I am addressing you to congratulate you for your fantastic ministry. I have concluded your two online courses The Moment of Truth and If I Were Told the Future. Now I am two thirds of the course The Last Countdown. I know that God has installed your ministry for these last days, therefore I cannot stop thanking Him for you.»
Osmond B. (New York, USA)

«I’ll admit, I was immensely blessed by studying the first set of lessons The Moment of Truth. I will be continuing to study your course If I Were Told the Future as soon as possible!»
Dean M. (Canada)

«I love the course The Moment of Truth. Thank you for having this online. Your lessons were very helpful for my soul. They drew me closer and closer to the Lord my Savior.»
Raster C. (Massachusetts, USA)

«I’ve seen all the lessons of The Moment of Truth, about the message of the Bible. I enjoy your lessons, they help me very much in my spiritual life; I share all this with my friends. May the Lord bless your work.»
Patrice T. (French Polynesia)

«I have begun studying the course The Moment of Truth. I am impressed! So far this is the best Bible study I have seen.»
Carl H. (California, USA)

«I’m taking the Bible course The Moment of Truth. I met someone who showed me your site, and I’m now studying the lessons which have already brought some answers to my questions. I begin to read the Bible, searching for its teachings, and I’m now feeling a need, a fullness when I think of God, something that is difficult to explain with words, but that leaves me full of joy. This is a feeling I never had before. Thank you for these lessons which teach me much, and show me the way of God.»
Joelle G. (Belgium)

«I am taking your online course The Moment of Truth, and am enjoying it very much. I am learning a lot that I didn’t know. Your lessons are wonderful!»
Delores A. (New Mexico, USA)

«I want to congratulate you on your Bible courses The Moment of Truth and If I Were Told the Future. They are very clear and well illustrated. It is with great pleasure that I share them with the people around me.»
Arthur D. (France)

«Bless God! Thank you for your standard of excellence in creating and maintaining Cyberspace Ministry. I am enjoying refreshing my foundations while I familiarize myself with the content of The Moment of Truth. I am sure to use this resource in mentoring new Christians and in building up fellow believers. Keep up the good work!»
Laura S. (Iowa, USA)

«Your Bible study The Moment of Truth is a thirst-quenching well. It is water that gives us strength and vigor to complete our mission.»
Poroi D. (Tahiti)

«I have finally completed The Moment of Truth. I have proudly made a copy of my course completion certificate! Sharing these online lessons with friends is a wonderful and very easy way to witness. I have directed a friend to The Moment of Truth and pray that he will be touched by its power. Also, if any church has a computer projector, sharing these online lessons with a whole congregation on a weekly basis would be a great way to spread God’s true message to novice and experienced Bible students alike.»
Linda K. (New Jersey, USA)

«I want to tell you how precious, for my family and I, are the complete teachings brought by the lessons of the Bible course The Moment of Truth. May God bless you and help you continue this work on the Internet.»
Yolaine P. (France)

«I am enjoying the lessons. When I finish The Moment of Truth, I’m going to start If I Were Told the Future right away. Thank you again!»
Helena U. (Ohio, USA)

«I would like to thank you for the fabulous service you are providing. For the past year I have been doing these studies with a young couple keen to develop their relationship with God, and your course The Moment of Truth has been invaluable.»
Jose B. (United Kingdom)

«The Moment of Truth has been a pearl of information and enlightenment beyond my expectations. God’s word has given me an even clearer vision through this course. As I approached lesson #41, I tend to want to slow my reading pace, wanting the inevitable completion to be not so. As the depth continued to get deeper the journey increased with anticipation. My appreciation for these lessons no word from any language can adequately express.»
Josh R. (North Carolina, USA)