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Our Books on Practical Life

Help support Cyberspace Ministry

In anticipation of your generous support, we would like to thank you for your kindness. As a way of expressing our gratitude, for any gift of US$25 (or CAN$25, or €25) or more, we will send you the book Steps to Christ and one book of your choice among the titles listed below. Or take a look at our complete library: almost 150 books are available!

You can make your donation online by credit card or debit card, via a secure server at PayPal (What is PayPal?). It’s fast, free, and secure.

If you do not have a credit card, you may send your donation by mail. Click here for more details.

Steps to Christ Our «Thank You» gift, the book Steps to Christ

Thousands have become acquainted with Jesus through this book. And it has helped many more, including those who have walked with Him for years, to know Him better. You’ll discover the steps to finding a forever friendship with Jesus. You’ll read about His love for you, repentance, faith and acceptance, growing like Him, the privilege of prayer, what to do with doubt, and how to spend your days rejoicing in your best Friend, Jesus.

And now, you can choose one of the following titles from the category «Practical Life»:

Above Suffering and Guilt Above Suffering and Guilt

One of the most difficult things about this life to accept, and even more difficult to understand, is pain and suffering. If God is good, then how can we explain the presence of evil, death, and pain? Also, learn the four necessary steps in dealing with sin and guilt. [More details...]
The Alcohol Solution The Alcohol Solution

What is alcoholism? How can we recognize someone suffering from this disease? What steps can we follow to help someone suffering from this disease? How can entire families be affected by one person’s addiction? This sensitive book will give you clear answers. [More details...]
Alone in the Crowd Alone in the Crowd

Most deviations from God’s will today are based upon either following feeling or following the crowd. But how can you be part of the group without compromising your principles? This book provides answers. And you won’t forget the illustration of the shrimp... [More details...]
Basics of Parenting Basics of Parenting

Cute one minute, stubborn in the next? Raising children in their formative years, between 5 and 12, can be a daunting task. What’s the biblical way to do it? Find out in this fast-paced, practical guide about raising your children in the walk of Christ. [More details...]
Beyond the Rush of Living Beyond the Rush of Living

Is tension lurking dangerously in the shadows of your life? Are you more easily irritated than ever before? If so, you must do something about it, before the effects become unbearable. Discover how you can find peace and security in a fast-paced world. [More details...]
Breaking Through Barriers to God Breaking Through Barriers to God

Have you ever felt there were some significant barriers between you and God? Barriers like unresolved guilt, destructive lifestyle practices, or increasing doubts? This book presents sensible answers to some of the most common barriers Christians face. [More details...]
Changing Problems Into Challenges Changing Problems Into Challenges

Learn how one middle-aged couple faced an economic crisis when one of them was unexpectedly fired and how they came to realize that it wasn’t a «problem» but rather an «interesting experience». Learn also how God is the key for transforming problems into challenges. [More details...]
The Christian and Alcohol The Christian and Alcohol

Thoroughly documented and presented in a straightforward manner, this book clarifies confusing verses and explains the types of wine and alcohol in the Bible, what happens when God’s people drink alcohol, and gives inspiring biblical reasons for abstinence. [More details...]
Clean: Seven Steps to Freedom Clean: Seven Steps to Freedom

Drug and alcohol addiction are destroying lives and tearing souls away from God. Help get the struggling back on track with this inspiring sharing book that shows how you can get on the ladder to spiritual and physical healing and restoration to become clean again. [More details...]
Compromise, Conformity, and Courage Compromise, Conformity, and Courage

Let’s face it, being in the world without being perceived as being of the world is not always easy. Where do you stand on taking a stand? Giving just a little, does it really hurt your walk and your witness? This book delivers thought-provoking information. [More details...]
Considering Divorce? Considering Divorce?

If you’re considering divorce, you’ve already been through a lot. You can’t believe this is actually happening to you. But this book just might change things. It just might save you from something you really don’t want. Commonsense advice for troubled marriages. [More details...]
Do You Really Believe? Do You Really Believe?

«Lord, I believe; help You my unbelief.» (Mark 9:24). If you’re seeking a closer walk with the Lord and a deeper trust in Him, but lack confidence in His ability to work through you, this book is for you. It shows how God can lead you to a more trusting relationship. [More details...]
Ever Get Depressed? Ever Get Depressed?

Every depressed person can come to the beginning of healing through understanding what causes depression. This helpful book clearly exposes what are the depression’s symptoms and roots, and most important, gives God’s prescription to treat depression. [More details...]
Faith Roots Faith Roots

Many people have a difficult time facing the crises which life inevitably brings. Why? They have no «faith roots». Their Christian experience is shallow. Would you like to go deeper? Do you long for a vital experience with God? Then this book is for you. [More details...]
From Stress to Joy From Stress to Joy

God wants to do more for us than just help us deal with stress. He wants to make our entire life glow as a result of our knowing Him. He wants to be our continual source of joy, as well as a place of refuge when things get tough. Find the biblical secret to joy. [More details...]
The Gentle Art of Saying Thank You The Gentle Art of Saying Thank You

This book shows a variety of ways to express our thanks, and illustrates how a note, phone call, or gift can give someone a tremendous lift and be a real blessing to both the giver and receiver. Let this book bring you the joy of brightening someone’s day. [More details...]
God’s Little Advice Book God’s Little Advice Book

The book of Proverbs is «God’s little advice book». Discover the five essential principles that sum up the insights of Proverbs, five secrets which can help you live a successful and productive life. You will learn how you can make the best use of these truths. [More details...]
Handling Hostile People Handling Hostile People

Hostile people... Maybe you live with one. Maybe you work with one or have to sit on a church board with one. We all meet them sometime or other. This helpful book shows how to deal with those unhappy people who bully their way through life with their hostility. [More details...]
Helping Kids Deal with Death Helping Kids Deal with Death

Children often have profound questions about death, and they need the right answers. This sensitive book gives suggestions on how to help children understand death. It explains how to prepare a child for parental death, and what to do when the child blames God. [More details...]
How to Believe When You Hurt How to Believe When You Hurt

When suffering comes knocking at your door, your heart isn’t the only thing that hurts. Christians often find that their faith gets wounded as well. Despite the tragic turns life takes, this sensitive book shows a loving God who shares your pain. [More details...]
How to Communicate with Your Mate How to Communicate with Your Mate

One of the most serious problems in marriage, and a prime cause of divorce, lies in the inability or reluctance of couples to communicate. This resourceful book explains how a couple can achieve more fulfillment in marriage through better communication. [More details...]
How to Handle Fatigue How to Handle Fatigue

If you are like most people, you know all too well the problem of fatigue. You probably wrestle with it more often than you’d care to admit. This book gives helpful hints on coping with the two major kinds of fatigue we all experience, physical and emotional fatigue. [More details...]
Is It a Sin to Be Tempted? Is It a Sin to Be Tempted?

No growing Christian in the world can be unconcerned about the problem of temptation. Temptation may attack at different points on different issues, but it will always be with us in this world. This book shows how to be victorious when faced with temptation. [More details...]
Is It Possible to Live Without Sinning? Is It Possible to Live Without Sinning?

Popular theology teaches millions that no one can really live without sinning. As a result, many Christians are living weak, defeated lives. This helpful book provides assurance that it is possible, through Christ, to achieve total victory over sin. [More details...]
It’s About You It’s About You

One of the worst obstacles to sharing the gospel message is the person sharing it! This book will show you how to bring people closer to Christ while helping to identify errors and restoring people to God. Learn to love people to the gospel, just like Jesus did. [More details...]
Life After Loss Life After Loss

How does someone get over the loss of a loved one? By ignoring the emptiness? By not talking about the one who’s now gone? By keeping a stiff upper lip and choking back the sobs? This sensitive book shares many time-tested insights into how to cope with grief. [More details...]
Live With Stress Live With Stress

No matter who you are or what you do, life’s tensions and pressures can push you to your limits. We all need to learn how to cope with stress. This resourceful book can help you make it more possible to survive in this highly complex and demanding world. [More details...]
Lonely Lonely

Someone compared loneliness to pollution. This problem has crept up on industrial society until it now plagues the whole spectrum of life. From birth to death we must contend with loneliness. This book offers precious suggestions on how to cope with loneliness. [More details...]
An Ounce of Prevention An Ounce of Prevention

Are you concerned about your health? And worried about the decrease in your energy and peace of mind? Contrary to what you may think, these are not the inevitable consequence of getting older! This book will put you firmly on the pathway to abundant health. [More details...]
Overcoming Alcoholism Overcoming Alcoholism

Through real-life examples, this book shows the kind of help alcoholics need. It specifies what it takes for them to admit an addiction and then survive the painful process of recovery. It’s a well-organized aid for leading a loved one toward freedom from alcohol. [More details...]
A Pause for Peace A Pause for Peace

A recession grips this world - one that has nothing to do with money. This is a recession of time. This comforting book identifies the Sabbath as God’s recovery plan for this devastating recession, and God’s answer to our overstressed and unfulfilled lives. [More details...]
Prescription for Spiritual Health Prescription for Spiritual Health

This book provides 20 prescriptions for chronic «illnesses», helpful in resisting temptation and keeping our minds focused on our heavenly Father. A book for every Christian who has traveled the spiritual pathway long enough to realize that the enemy never rests. [More details...]
Reconnecting the Family Reconnecting the Family

Families are being torn apart with worldly pursuits and other destructive distractions. This book will show you how to re-establish a Christ-centered relationship with your entire family. Great for any family, and an excellent resource to share! [More details...]
Resolve Your Stress Resolve Your Stress

Even when external stress-factors are cut away, if the «roots» of stress have not been resolved, new stressors will sprout to trouble us again. Go a step beyond living with stress to being transformed from stressful, anxious people into coping and conquering people. [More details...]
Revitalize Your Marriage Revitalize Your Marriage

Rediscover the reasons you married your love by rekindling the flame and removing the thorns that have gotten in the way of your God-given relationship. This thought-provoking Christian guide to marriage is a priceless gift for any couple. [More details...]
The Stress Transformers The Stress Transformers

We all need the ability to transform our inner attitudes so that we relate differently to life’s stresses. This resourceful book focuses on practical steps for developing inner attitudes such as praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, trust, patience, and confidence in God. [More details...]
The Surrender of Self The Surrender of Self

Self is the greatest enemy we face. Once we have settled it with that old man of the flesh who seeks to rule over us, all the other victories will come in their course. This book shows that God has given us all a powerful weapon in combating the self nature. [More details...]
Survival Tips for a Single Parent Survival Tips for a Single Parent

The pieces left after a family breakup can be re-created into a new picture of a warm, loving family unit. This resourceful book shares down-to-earth ideas for relieving tensions between you and your kids. It also shows how children can help meet family challenges. [More details...]
Talking To Your Teenager Talking To Your Teenager

Communication is the number one way to keeping your teenager happy and healthy. Talking to your teen opens doors for both of you and strengthen your relationship. Learn to talk to your teen about the life issues they are facing using doable techniques in communication. [More details...]
Teach Us to Pray Teach Us to Pray

Prayer is one of our most valuable spiritual assets, but few know what it really means to pray. In this in-depth look at «the breath of the soul», you’ll learn new and powerful insights about communicating with God through the model He gave us: the Lord’s Prayer. [More details...]
Three Steps to Heaven Three Steps to Heaven

Countless numbers of people really want to be Christians, but no one has made it clear enough to win their decision. This compelling book reveals three simple steps all sinners can take in order to receive God’s gift of salvation. An excellent resource to share! [More details...]
Tiny Troublemaker Tiny Troublemaker

The apostle James described the tongue as a world of evil. It has set off dissension and division in millions of homes around the world. This book gives valuable lessons on the dangers of gossip and offers pointers for keeping the tongue under divine control. [More details...]
Tips For Resisting Temptation Tips For Resisting Temptation

Get solid, biblical advice for overcoming the perils that threaten your relationship with the Father. This book shows you that by following Jesus’ example, your life can be filled with victory! Great for sharing with anyone struggling with sin and temptation. [More details...]
12 Steps to Revival 12 Steps to Revival

In the age of a lukewarm church and wayward children of God, we need to bring real passion back into our relationship with the Lord. Find out in 12 practical and inspiring steps how the best Bible role-models prepared God’s people for long-lasting revival. [More details...]
The Ultimate Survivor The Ultimate Survivor

Life’s twists and turns often upset our routine. Some problems are minor. Others like divorce, depression, or the death of a loved one, can devastate. How can you survive when faced with a major life crisis? This book provides sound, sensible, biblical answers. [More details...]
View at Your Own Risk View at Your Own Risk

When improperly utilized, television can have many ill effects. What is television really doing to you and your family? This practical book presents sobering and often shocking facts. It will keep you informed and in control of your television viewing. [More details...]
When the Devil Makes an Offer When the Devil Makes an Offer

How can we deal with the devil’s temptations? Find out what his strategies are. Satan has clever plans, but Jesus has better ones. Satan is mighty, but Jesus is almighty. Read this book and be prepared when the devil launches a sneak attack to bring you down. [More details...]
Working Mothers and Guilt Working Mothers and Guilt

Many challenges await the working mother. Sometimes the result is guilt, which creates more frustration, hostility and guilt. This book suggests 10 practical strategies for breaking the guilt cycle, so that Mom and the whole family can feel good about themselves again. [More details...]
You Can Kick the Habit! You Can Kick the Habit!

Quitting smoking is not easy. This book offers a step-by-step program that will help a smoker break his cigarette habit and ensure better health and longer life expectancy. It outlines sensible, practical ways to overcome the habit which damages the human body. [More details...]
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