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You already know that Cyberspace Ministry offers Bible courses, which you can study directly online on our Web site. You also know our software - Bible study guides and Bible games - that you can download free of charge.

You can now take a step forward and use our services, directly on our Web site. Our Bible Reading Plans, and our Spiritual Gifts Identification Service will help you become a better worker in God’s harvest!

We need your help in order to continue this ministry. We gladly provide these lessons and services free of charge. No organization, religious or other, finances Cyberspace Ministry. So we have to rely on the generosity of people like you who believe in the importance of this work.
If you find this ministry worthwhile and would like to see it continue, please prayerfully consider supporting it. Any freewill offering will help us carry on our mission. Make Your Donation
A Gift For YouAs a way of expressing our gratitude, for any gift of US $25.00 or more, we will send you the book Steps to Christ, and one book of your choice among our selection. We will be adding new titles on a regular basis, so come back often.
Please click here for more information, and to make your donation.
Thank you for your support!

Annual Bible Reading Plans Our Annual Bible Reading Plans

You wish to read the entire Bible? Congratulations! While it is difficult to achieve this goal in one sitting... it is much easier if you spread it out over 365 days! This is why we offer different reading plans which will help you read the entire Bible in a year.

First of all, if you visit our website on a daily basis, we strongly suggest you the following plan, which offers an all-new way to read the entire Bible in a year:

You can also select one of the following plans, more classic, according to your objectives and interests. We invite you to take a look at each plan, to find out which one suits you best!

What people are saying about our Annual Bible Reading Plans
«I love your Bible reading plans, they are awesome! I am currently reading in Jeremiah. The clickable links to the Bible references online are very useful. I have literally stumbled over your website quite by accident. Divine intervention, I hope. Your site is pleasing to the eye and very user-friendly. Thanks for your ministry.»
Desmond B. (Texas, USA)

«As for your Bible reading plans, I must say that they have helped me to spend more time in the Word and better understand the ways of God. Thank you for having this on the Internet because it’s easier for those that have a busy life to study when the time is convenient for them.»
Sharon M. (United Kingdom)

A Gift for Everyone A Gift for Everyone

Which gifts has the Spirit bestowed on you? Our spiritual gifts identification service A Gift for Everyone will help you discover your gifts, and learn how to use them. This way, you will better know the mission God is calling you to fulfill in His harvest.

Before identifying your spiritual gifts, we strongly suggest you to study this short lesson, to better understand the role of spiritual gifts in the life of each believer. Please select one of the following two versions:

When you have filled out our spiritual gifts assessment directly on our Web site, you will receive by email the analysis of your results. Click here to see an example of the graphical results you will receive.

Cyberspace Ministry’s Spiritual Gifts Assessment When Ready, Take our Spiritual Gifts Assessment!

What people are saying about our Spiritual Gifts Identification Service
«This site is awesome. God is using you mightily. I was looking for a lesson for children’s church when I stumbled onto your site. However, I know I just didn’t stumble on to it. The Lord led me there. My husband and I both took the spiritual gifts assessment and found that very helpful in discovering what our main gifts are. We also told the teens that help us to go to this site and take the assessment also. We are going to have a meeting once everyone gets their results back and then we are going to try to re-focus everyone’s ministry based on the results so God can use us even more. Again I just wanted to let you know that I do thank God for you, you are a Godsend. We also are praying for this ministry. I hope God uses this site to reach the lost... I take that back, I know He already is. Thank you again!»
Amanda L. (Michigan, USA)

«Thank you sincerely for your ministry. The spiritual gifts identification service is easy to access, read, understand and complete. Your system of categorizing spiritual gifts using a pie chart is innovative and informative, and not only shows what spiritual gifts one probably has, but also where they fit into the church’s ministry as a whole - most important! It also visually helps one to see why we are all given one or more different gifts. The bar chart assessment showed me the areas on which I need to work with the Lord through prayer and submission. Your explanations for each gift are balanced and sensible, showing not only the purpose of these gifts but the niches in which one could use them as well as reminding us of the very human failings we are prone to fall into.»
Cherry S. (South Africa)

Click here for more comments about our Spiritual Gifts Identification Service.