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Our Online Lessons

Take our Bible courses directly on our Web site!

You can study the lessons of Cyberspace Ministry’s Bible courses directly on our Web site. Two different versions are available, depending on whether you wish to get pictures or not.

Please bookmark this page so you may easily carry on with these Bible courses.

The Moment of Truth Our Course
«The Moment of Truth»

The Moment of Truth is a 41-lesson course, helping you study the Bible in a systematic way. Lesson after lesson, at your own pace, you will discover the wonderful treasures hidden in the Word of God.

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What people are saying about The Moment of Truth
«We are learning a great deal by doing your online Bible study The Moment of Truth. We have read the Bible for many years and so far your lessons have enlightened us more than we have ever been before.»
Robert C. (New York, USA)

«The Moment of Truth has been a pearl of information and enlightenment beyond my expectations. God’s word has given me an even clearer vision through this course. As I approached lesson #41, I tend to want to slow my reading pace, wanting the inevitable completion to be not so. As the depth continued to get deeper the journey increased with anticipation. My appreciation for these lessons no word from any language can adequately express.»
Josh R. (North Carolina, USA)

Click here for more comments about The Moment of Truth.

If I Were Told the Future Our Course
«If I Were Told the Future»

If I Were Told the Future is a 102-lesson course, helping you study Bible prophecy in a systematic way. Lesson after lesson, the Bible, and the Bible only, will make you discover the many keys giving access to the secrets of Bible prophecy’s wonderful world.

This is an advanced course. We suggest you to study first the course The Moment of Truth before moving on to this one.

Please select one of the following two versions:

What people are saying about If I Were Told the Future
«The course If I Were Told the Future was very comprehensive. I needed a more intense, advanced study because I’ve been a Christian for quite a number of years now. These lessons provided me with the meat I needed to grow more in knowledge of the prophecies especially relating to the last days. I am very appreciative of the wealth of information these lessons have provided.»
Barbara J. (Vermont, USA)

«I have just completed the online course If I Were Told the Future. What can I say? Fantastic, brilliant. It has been a real bonus in helping me to understand the book of Revelation. Thank you so much for this site which I have recommended to several people both within and outside my church. Keep up the great work as time is short.»
Kevin C. (Australia)

Click here for more comments about If I Were Told the Future.

The Last Countdown Our Course
«The Last Countdown»

The Last Countdown is a 39-lesson course showing the perfect harmony in the organization of the Bible’s last days prophecies, each of these prophecies following a rigorous and sound structure which describes exactly the same sequence of events leading to Jesus Christ’s return.

This Bible course is definitely more advanced. The access to this course is therefore restricted. The required password will be given only to the students who have successfully completed our previous two Bible courses The Moment of Truth and If I Were Told the Future, having studied all the lessons and successfully completed all the tests in both courses.

Please select one of the following two versions:

To get a foretaste of this Bible study, you can access without the password the lesson God’s Process of Progressive Revelation.

What people are saying about The Last Countdown
«Thanks so very much for the course The Last Countdown. Much gratitude for the brilliant comparisons of prophecies from different books! I really loved that course, especially the last page with the synthesis. How wonderful it is to see so many prophecies summarized at a glance like that! I found it very helpful. Many, many thanks to whoever compiled that. I believe that the proper understanding of the one true God’s nature, the gospel message and proper reverence is of utmost importance and we are so blessed to have the prophets and the books of the Bible. Your courses are terrific in clarifying some issues there! And the pictures are great!»
Sapphire M. (Texas, USA)

«Every lesson I do in The Last Countdown makes it clearer as to how and why the Bible was written. I am really amazed at the information. Now when I read my Bible I hope I will make certain connections instead of just reading history as it happened. Every lesson I have done in The Last Countdown is so exciting, full of new information. Thank you so much for this learning opportunity. These lessons are so important to me. The lesson on the Sanctuary in The Last Countdown is the clearest and most beautiful lesson I have done and experienced. I have found these online lessons invaluable to my learning about Christ, the Bible and the coming days.»
Desiree K. (Netherlands)

Click here for more comments about The Last Countdown.