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Bible in Mind

A short preview of the game

The following screenshots will present the game «Bible in Mind».

«Bible in Mind», opening screen
(Click to enlarge this picture) (66 Kb)

«Bible in Mind» is an exciting computer game for 1 to 4 players, summoning up your memory and knowledge of the Word of God.

A little thought before starting a game in «Bible in Mind»
(Click to enlarge this picture) (137 Kb)

Before starting the game, «Bible in Mind» presents a little thought.

With the database of 1000 thoughts, you are sure to discover a new thought almost each time you start a game!

Player selection and the difficulty levels in «Bible in Mind»
(Click to enlarge this picture) (33 Kb)

First, you must select a difficulty level. Each level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) has a database of 1000 verses. You can also choose the option Randomized, which gives access to the whole database of 3000 verses.

Each player can also select the source of the verses (Old Testament, New Testament, or the whole Bible). All these options result in a different difficulty level for each player, so you can anticipate much closer games!

(Please note that the demo version contains only 100 verses from the New Testament.)

The player must find the Bible reference for this verse
(Click to enlarge this picture) (75 Kb)

Where do we find this verse in the Bible?

Points are awarded for the book, the chapter, and the verse.

Hints are available, but they will cost precious points...

The answer with a comment, and the score of the player
(Click to enlarge this picture) (72 Kb)

The computer then gives the correct answer, with a comment related to the verse.

The result for this verse and the player’s total score are displayed.

The player’s performance, with a summary of the 20 verses
(Click to enlarge this picture) (36 Kb)

At the end of the game, a summary is presented for each player.

A smile indicates a correct answer (B=Book; C=Chapter; V=Verse).

It is possible to review any of the verses, to further memorization.

The 20 verses with their comments
(Click to enlarge this picture) (53 Kb)

You can select any of the 20 verses presented in the game, to read it again and memorize it.

The comment is also displayed, to enliven your learning!

The high scores
(Click to enlarge this picture) (28 Kb)

Who knows? Your score may appear in our high scores, according to your result and your difficulty level!

Hours of sanctified entertainment await you with «Bible in Mind»!