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A Gift For Everyone

A short preview of the software

The following screenshots will present the software «A Gift For Everyone».

«A Gift For Everyone», opening screen
(Click to enlarge this picture) (71 Kb)

«A Gift For Everyone» is a richly illustrated software that will help you discover your spiritual gifts, and learn how to use them.

The Bible lesson «Spiritual Gifts and You»
(Click to enlarge this picture) (69 Kb)

First, we suggest you to read the Bible lesson «Spiritual Gifts and You», to better understand the role of spiritual gifts in the life of each believer.

Descriptive table, to help the student better understand the lesson
(Click to enlarge this picture) (120 Kb)

Descriptive tables and full color pictures are presented, enlivening the lesson and giving a better understanding of this important subject.

Spiritual gifts assessment
(Click to enlarge this picture) (21 Kb)

Then, you can use the spiritual gifts assessment of «A Gift For Everyone».

This identification system is based on a 5-part assessment, touching various aspects of Christian life.

Graphical analysis which identifies your spiritual gifts
(Click to enlarge this picture) (15 Kb)

When the spiritual gifts assessment is completed, «A Gift For Everyone» presents a complete graphical analysis of your results, identifying your spiritual gifts.

Graphical analysis which shows your gifts by category
(Click to enlarge this picture) (10 Kb)

The complete graphical analysis of «A Gift For Everyone» also presents the distribution of your spiritual gifts by branch of activity, to help you identify the fields in which the Holy Spirit is calling you to work.

Detailed description of one of the 26 gifts
(Click to enlarge this picture) (30 Kb)

Finally, «A Gift For Everyone» contains a complete database which gives a detailed description of all 26 spiritual gifts covered by this program. This way, you will be able to learn more about your spiritual gifts.

If you wish, you can print the results of your analysis, the lesson on spiritual gifts, and the detailed description of the 26 spiritual gifts, to share your findings with your family, colleagues and friends.

Discover the role God has given you in His harvest, with «A Gift For Everyone»!