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Our Products

Quest for God’s Armor - Deluxe Version

«Put on the whole armor of God.» (Ephesians 6:11).

«Quest for God’s Armor» is an exciting game that challenges 1 to 4 players to assemble the six parts of the Armor of God. But be prepared for spiritual battles along the way!

Players try to build up their Armor of God by successfully answering multiple-choice Bible questions. 6,550 questions are available in 14 different categories:

Basic Trivia Basic Trivia Children’s Corner Children’s Corner
General Trivia 1 General Trivia 1 Poetry and Wisdom Poetry and Wisdom
General Trivia 2 General Trivia 2 Bible Prophecies Bible Prophecies
Famous Quotes Famous Quotes Bible Timeline Bible Timeline
Bible Characters Bible Characters Bible Geography Bible Geography
Books of the Bible Books of the Bible Bible Curiosities Bible Curiosities
Life of Jesus Life of Jesus Numbers and Statistics Numbers and Statistics

All 14 categories, for a total of 6,550 Bible questions, are included in the Deluxe version of «Quest for God’s Armor».

The value of each Bible question is set by a virtual play card, drawn from a 79-card deck which includes the following categories:

God’s Love 1 card in the category «God’s Love»
Fruit of the Spirit 6 cards in the category «Fruit of the Spirit»
Christian Life 15 cards in the category «Christian Life»
Stumbling Block 6 cards in the category «Stumbling Block»
Flaming Arrow 15 cards in the category «Flaming Arrow»
Fixing a Weak Spot 3 cards in the category «Fixing a Weak Spot»
Glory to God 3 cards in the category «Glory to God»
Gift of the Spirit 15 cards in the category «Gift of the Spirit»
In the Last Days... 15 cards in the category «In the Last Days...»

Seek the fruit of the Spirit and the virtues of Christian life, while avoiding stumbling blocks and quenching the enemy’s flaming arrows, to succeed in your quest.

Guardian AngelWhen you are in trouble, a guardian angel will come to your assistance. But use this heavenly help wisely throughout the game!

The first player to put on the full armor of God wins.

Using different options (categories of questions, number of guardian angels, number of layers in each piece of armor), the difficulty level can be set for each player, so kids, parents, and grandparents can all play together!

The Bible version used in «Quest for God’s Armor» Deluxe Version is the American King James Version.

Special features in the Deluxe Version

With the Deluxe version of «Quest for God’s Armor», you get all the features of the regular version, plus these exciting special features:

  • All 14 categories of questions, for a total of 6,550 multiple-choice Bible questions.
  • 30 new play cards (15 «Gift of the Spirit» cards, and 15 «In the Last Days» cards).
  • Up to 3 challenging computer players on 7 difficulty levels.

What people are saying about this software

«Finally an interesting game that can be played by the whole family. Free of violence and stimulating for the mind, Quest for God’s Armor is a fun way to sharpen your Bible Trivia skills and learn biblical facts while taking part in a friendly competition. Being able to select from a wide area of topics makes it possible to adapt to all ages and keep new questions coming time after time.»
Colleen W. (Canada)

«Congratulations for the Bible game Quest for God’s Armor! My 16-year-old daughter and I were delighted with this game. Last night, my daughter (who was beginning to neglect her Bible) was keeping asking me to play again and again!»
Josy P. (Guadeloupe)

System requirements

To run «Quest for God’s Armor» Deluxe Version, you need:

  • Any PC computer.
  • Microsoft Windows® XP or later.

To order your copy

Please visit our section Online Orders, and fill out the order form. Please make sure to properly indicate your email and postal address. We will then contact you by email, to confirm your order.

Other versions of this program

A free Regular version of this game is available.

A French version of this game is available.

A short preview of «Quest for God’s Armor», Deluxe Version A short preview of «Quest for God’s Armor», Deluxe Version

Order «Quest for God’s Armor», Deluxe Version Order «Quest for God’s Armor», Deluxe Version