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Quest for God’s Armor - Deluxe Version

A short preview of the game

The following screenshots will present the game «Quest for God’s Armor», Deluxe Version.

«Quest for God’s Armor», opening screen
(Click to enlarge this picture) (70 Kb)

«Quest for God’s Armor» is an exciting computer game that challenges 1 to 4 players to assemble the six parts of the Armor of God.

A little thought before starting a game in «Quest for God’s Armor»
(Click to enlarge this picture) (57 Kb)

Before starting the game, «Quest for God’s Armor» presents a little thought.

With a database of 1000 thoughts, you are sure to discover a new thought almost each time you start a game!

Player selection and personalized game options in «Quest for God’s Armor»
(Click to enlarge this picture) (48 Kb)

First, each player must write his/her name, and choose his/her personalized game options.

Using different options (categories of questions, number of guardian angels, number of layers in each piece of armor), the difficulty level can be set for each player, so kids, parents, and grandparents can all play together!

The Deluxe Version of «Quest for God’s Armor» includes up to 3 challenging computer players on 7 difficulty levels.

Each player must choose his categories of questions
(Click to enlarge this picture) (52 Kb)

Each player can choose up to 14 categories (up to 6,550 questions), from which will be taken his/her Bible questions.

All 14 categories of questions are included in the Deluxe Version of «Quest for God’s Armor».

«Quest for God’s Armor»’s gameboard
(Click to enlarge this picture) (99 Kb)

During the game, each player selects a candle.

A play card, drawn from a 79-card deck, is hidden behind each candle. And some of the candles will reveal special play cards!

30 new play cards (15 «Gift of the Spirit» cards, and 15 «In the Last Days» cards) are included in the Deluxe Version of «Quest for God’s Armor».

Seek the fruit of the Spirit and the virtues of Christian life, while quenching the enemy’s flaming arrows and avoiding stumbling blocks.

Play card from the game «Quest for God’s Armor»
(Click to enlarge this picture) (127 Kb)

The play card indicates the value of the question.

Green circles will allow the player to strengthen one or many pieces of God’s armor. But be careful, some cards contain red circles, which may weaken God’s armor.

And in the Deluxe Version, you will find 30 new play cards that contain half-green, half-red circles (as you can see in the screenshot above), which can strengthen or weaken God's Armor, according to the player's answer.

One of the multiple-choice Bible questions
(Click to enlarge this picture) (48 Kb)

It is now time to answer the multiple-choice Bible question, taken from one of the selected categories.

If you are in trouble, a guardian angel can come to your assistance, by narrowing the choices. But use this heavenly help wisely throughout the game!

The player answers the question
(Click to enlarge this picture) (47 Kb)

A right answer will strengthen the player’s armor, but a wrong answer may weaken it...

After the player has answered the question, the Bible reference is indicated.

We have a winner!
(Click to enlarge this picture) (17 Kb)

The first player to put on the full armor of God wins.
«Put on the whole armor of God.» (Ephesians 6:11).

Hours of sanctified entertainment await you with «Quest for God’s Armor», Deluxe Version!