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Spiritual Gifts Identification Service

What People Are Saying About This Service

Here are some of the comments we have received so far concerning our Spiritual Gifts Identification Service.

To send us your own comments, please visit the section Contact Us. Thanks a lot!

What people are saying about our Spiritual Gifts Identification Service

«I would like to thank you for the informative spiritual gifts assessment that you supplied. It will be a strong, positive boost for my spirit. I never realized this could be done! I was truly reading my personal experience. No wonder I have operated in the various giftings! This cannot be attributed to a gifted parent or grandparent. I cannot thank you enough!»
Peggy S. (Ohio, USA)

«Thank you sincerely for your ministry. The spiritual gifts identification service is easy to access, read, understand and complete. Your system of categorizing spiritual gifts using a pie chart is innovative and informative, and not only shows what spiritual gifts one probably has, but also where they fit into the church’s ministry as a whole - most important! It also visually helps one to see why we are all given one or more different gifts. The bar chart assessment showed me the areas on which I need to work with the Lord through prayer and submission. Your explanations for each gift are balanced and sensible, showing not only the purpose of these gifts but the niches in which one could use them as well as reminding us of the very human failings we are prone to fall into.»
Cherry S. (South Africa)

«Thank you so much for spending the time analyzing my spiritual gifts inventory. I am studying with a small Christian group and was told that this was the site to go to... now I can sure see why! Thanks!»
Andrew A. (Michigan, USA)

«I am totally satisfied with your spiritual gifts assessment. I have been researching and teaching spiritual gifts for five years, and was never able to find a complete inventory. On the very day that you launched the spiritual gifts service, I was making a last check to find resources to present to the church. When I came across your website, I knew it had to be God who did it. Since then I have introduced it to our church and they have decided that your resource on spiritual gifts would be our official one stop facility. I have printed out the inventory for those members who do not have the Internet. They fill them out and I enter them on the website using my internet service. My aim is to have the entire membership do their discovery and then have them assigned to appropriate ministries. We are also using the discoveries to aid in our nominating committee elections. Thank God for your ministry, and keep it up.»
Winston C. (Barbados)

«I have so appreciated your site. I have done the spiritual gifts assessment for me and my husband. It really helped. I love the graphs and all the info on the gifts. I’ve referred a lot of people to your site.»
Jan D. (New Hampshire, USA)

«I found the spiritual gifts assessment very helpful and confirmed what I felt my gifts are. The questions were thought-provoking, but not too difficult. Also, the number of questions is adequate; not too many nor too few. This assessment is a blessing and I pray that you continue to bless others as you have blessed me. Thank you.»
Kimberly T. (Australia)

«I want to thank you for the opportunity to take the spiritual gifts assessment questionnaire. I had taken a different one once or twice before but was never satisfied with the results because I could not answer them honestly. I had answered according to what I thought I should be doing. However, with your questionnaire, I was prompted to answer honestly on how I really felt, and it felt really good to do that. But because I was honest with my answers, I was hesitant to get the results because I thought I really didn’t have much to offer the Lord in terms of a “real” ministry or service. I never thought that my artistic abilities or organizational skills were of any real value in the reaching of souls for Christ, even though I have been using my gifts at church for a long time. I have had a real struggle in the past as to where in the body of Christ I belonged. Many times I feel that I am really not doing anything meaningful for the Lord. I printed the description of the spiritual gifts and will be looking up the texts. I will also be praying about what has been revealed to me so that I can accept the ministry the Lord wants to use me for with the gifts He has given me. Thank you for your ministry.»
Norma M. (California, USA)

«I have received your spiritual gifts assessment report and am very pleased with it. It totally confirms the gifts that I have been aware of, except one, one that I wasn’t aware I had but I will ask the Lord about it. Thanks for your service, I appreciate it greatly and will tell others about your site. The Lord bless you.»
Ruth W. (Canada)

«Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my spiritual gifts assessment. I have recommended this site to many people. I know this site will help others find what, where, and how God can use them in His ministry.»
Judith T. (New Jersey, USA)

«I personally used the spiritual gifts assessment and found it very valuable. Your service is great! May God bless you and your valuable work.»
Hendrik L. (Germany)

«Thanks a lot, you confirmed what I knew already concerning my spiritual gifts, but I’ve never seen them categorized this way. It’s an awesome tool. God bless you.»
Mary W. (Delaware, USA)

«This site is awesome. God is using you mightily. I was looking for a lesson for children’s church when I stumbled onto your site. However, I know I just didn’t stumble on to it. The Lord led me there. My husband and I both took the spiritual gifts assessment and found that very helpful in discovering what our main gifts are. We also told the teens that help us to go to this site and take the assessment also. We are going to have a meeting once everyone gets their results back and then we are going to try to re-focus everyone’s ministry based on the results so God can use us even more. Again I just wanted to let you know that I do thank God for you, you are a Godsend. We also are praying for this ministry. I hope God uses this site to reach the lost... I take that back, I know He already is. Thank you again!»
Amanda L. (Michigan, USA)

«Thanks so much for the results of the test. It rather surprised me to find out I’m using exactly those gifts in our church. I will make sure to pass this along. God bless your ministry.»
Judy H. (Canada)

«Thanks so much for the spiritual gifts assessment. The results fit me perfectly, I just hadn’t thought of these gifts yet. Thank you especially for the Bible verses and the ways to apply the gifts in the church, since it’s usually application that’s hard to figure out. I’m definitely not a speaker but now I realize there are loads of other ways to serve God. I’m excited to get started! Thanks and God bless.»
Ashley R. (Kansas, USA)

«I think this is one of the most accurate spiritual gifts assessments I have ever been involved in! It is very helpful, especially the sections about distinctives and cautions. Thank you so much! It will be very helpful to me in my ministry to others.»
Sharon H. (Florida, USA)

«I wish to thank you for the assessment of my spiritual gifts, it has been a real blessing. I think you offer a really wonderful service.»
Simone E. (United Kingdom)

«Thank you for sending me the spiritual gifts assessment. It comes at a perfect time, as I am going on a Christian retreat this weekend and finishing up my spiritual gifts class in a couple weeks. May you be blessed for developing your survey and website to assist others in finding their spiritual gifts. I am a director of a Christian learning center and part of my role is to assess student’s gifts and talents in all areas. Thank you again for your ministry and help.»
Tracy V. (New Hampshire, USA)

«Thank you for my spiritual gifts assessment results which I found very helpful. The links were also very helpful in explaining and defining the gifts and other factors. I found it all very clear and easy to understand, it has been very enlightening, it has been especially useful to see how the related gifts work together. Many thanks!»
Rosie D. (Australia)

«Thanks for your spiritual gifts assessment. You have definitely done a great job for the Lord, and you helped me identify my gifts in such an illustrative manner. May the Lord continue blessing you.»
Anibal S. (Florida, USA)

«Thank you for the spiritual gift assessment. I discovered a long time ago that I had the gift of hospitality. What inspiration to learn of the other associated gifts! I am ready and willing to continue to serve in the Master’s harvest. I have noted all the cautions you have given, that information too will be useful to me.»
Euceita S. (Barbados)

«Thank you very much for the spiritual gifts assessment results. You did a fabulous job of breaking the information down into various components such as Bible references, personal traits, even cautions! Especially helpful was seeing the possibilities of how to apply the gifts within my church. Thank you for taking the time to analyze my assessment and send me the results. May God bless you!»
Brenda B. (Iowa, USA)

«I was looking at different websites just trying to learn about spiritual gifts. I am just stunned by the fact that the Lord led me to your website, and by the fact that you answered every question I have had about these gifts, and have been trying to figure out for months, and you did it so clearly, in such a down-to-earth manner that is so easy to understand, that I am just so impressed and amazed. I am sitting here in my room typing this message on my laptop in a state of utter awe and amazement. I am bookmarking your website in my favorites folder right now. You are answering questions that are going to shape the direction my life takes over the next two years at least. This website is a real blessing.»
Leila B. (Maine, USA)

«I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was to receive a personalized response to my spiritual gifts assessment, I really appreciated it! I have been praying about what God wants me to do with my life, how He wants me to use the gifts He’s given me, and today I received this email with my top three spiritual gifts. I think this is an answer to my prayer. Thank you so much for your ministry!»
Rachel D. (Canada)

«Thank you for helping me identify my spiritual gifts! The report is extremely accurate and fits me precisely. My sister looked at the report and said it was 100 percent me. I enjoy your website and the unique services you offer and I will be back! I also plan to use the services on your website to counsel and guide teens who are struggling with where and how they fit in at church. The spiritual gifts test is a simple and effective way to identify their gifts and will help young people who have a desire to do something more for God but don’t know where to start. Thank you again!»
Aline B. (Alabama, USA)

«I have been looking at different spiritual gifts assessment tools in order to make recommendations to my church family, and then I found your site. I like the way your questions are phrased. I also like the visual graphs, how you graph various gifts and then designate the spiritual gift cluster they belong to. Your lesson on spiritual gifts is informative and clarifying. You offer a wealth of information to help us understand each gift and how it might be manifested or used to God’s glory. Thank you for this ministry.»
Renee M. (Georgia, USA)