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A Gift For Everyone

What is the Gift of Missionary?

Literal meaning  Literal meaning 
To be sent in another culture.

Description  Description 
The gift of missionary is the special ability that God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to minister whatever other spiritual gifts they have in a second culture.

Bible references  Bible references 
Theory Practice
Mark 16:15 Acts 13:2,3
Acts 1:8 Acts 22:19-21
Romans 10:14,15 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Distinctives  Distinctives 
People with this gift:
  • have an intense spirit of unease at the thought of all the unsaved people in the world;

  • adapt themselves and core biblical principles to different surroundings by being culturally sensitive and aware;

  • have the ability to reach out people groups of a different ethnicity, language, or cultural background;

  • can establish meaningful relationships with people of other nationalities or cultures;

  • desire to minister to unreached people in other communities or countries.

Personal traits and behaviors  Personal traits and behaviors 
A person with this gift is usually:
Adventurous Risk-taking
Pioneering Adaptable
Initiating Persevering
Confident Tolerant

Cautions  Cautions 
People with this gift:
  • need to be affirmed and sent by the church;

  • can slip into using a canned approach to their ministry that leaves others cold;

  • should not complaint about the difficulty of exercising this particular gift.

Mobilizing for ministry  Mobilizing for ministry 
People with this gift are needed in the church for:
Foreign missions Cross-culture evangelism
Refugee aid Outreach ministry
Inner-city work Church planting in new areas

Related gifts  Related gifts 
This gift belongs to the category OUTREACH. You may find useful to get information on other gifts which belong to this same category. These gifts are:
Evangelism Faith