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A Gift For Everyone

What is the Gift of Teaching?

Literal meaning  Literal meaning 
To instruct.

Description  Description 
The gift of teaching is the special ability that God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to communicate information relevant to the health and ministry of the body and its members in such a way that others will learn.

Bible references  Bible references 
Theory Practice
Matthew 28:19,20 Matthew 7:28,29
1 Timothy 4:16 Acts 18:24-28
2 Timothy 2:1,2 Acts 20:20,21

Distinctives  Distinctives 
People with this gift:
  • communicate biblical truth that inspires greater obedience to the Word of God;

  • challenge listeners simply and practically with the truths of Scripture;

  • focus on changing lives by helping others understand the Bible better;

  • give attention to details and accuracy;

  • prepare themselves through extended times of study and reflection.

Personal traits and behaviors  Personal traits and behaviors 
A person with this gift is usually:
Organized Enthusiastic
Authoritative Expressive
Articulate Disciplined
Analytical Practical

Cautions  Cautions 
People with this gift:
  • need to keep their material simple and practical;

  • should avoid pride that may result from their superior biblical knowledge and understanding;

  • can easily get angry at those who appear uninterested.

Mobilizing for ministry  Mobilizing for ministry 
People with this gift are needed in the church for:
Church elder Bible school teacher
Giving Bible studies Youth activities leader
Lay evangelist Leading out in seminars

Related gifts  Related gifts 
This gift belongs to the category EDUCATION. You may find useful to get information on other gifts which belong to this same category. These gifts are:
Discernment Knowledge Wisdom