Weekly Interactive Bible Wordoku

Take up the challenge!

Each Friday night (10:00 p.m., Eastern time), Cyberspace Ministry issues a new free Bible Wordoku, a fascinating puzzle that you can try to solve directly on our website.

Wordoku has the same rules as regular Sudoku, but uses letters instead of numbers:

  • Each of the nine rows is nine cells wide, and must contain the 9 letters used in the puzzle. So, each letter must appear once and only once in each row.
  • The same is true with the nine columns. So, each letter must appear once and only once in each column.
  • The third unit, the region, is a « 3 x 3 » square bordered by a thick line, and it must also contain the 9 letters used in the puzzle. So, each letter must appear once and only once in each « 3 x 3 » square.

When the grid is completed, the golden squares will reveal a nine-letter word or sentence at the center of the puzzle.

Here is this week’s free interactive Bible Wordoku puzzle. You can solve this puzzle directly online. Full instructions on how to use this puzzle appear below.

If the last week’s puzzle appears on your screen, you may have to refresh the page or empty your browser’s cache in order to display the most recent Bible Wordoku.

An exportable version and a printable version of this Bible Wordoku are also available.

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How to use the interactive Bible Wordoku puzzle

The basics
There are two modes for entering letters on the Bible Wordoku grid: the «Solution» mode (one big letter per cell, as expected) and the «Pencilmark» mode (one or many small letters per cell - see next section). To enter solutions into the grid, place the mouse pointer over a cell and click on one of the 9 little letters. Repeat the process to erase a letter, or click on another letter to replace it.

Small pencilmarks
You can write small pencilmarks in each cell to show what letters are possible in that cell. To do so, place the mouse pointer over a cell, hold down the SHIFT key (left or right) on your keyboard, and click on one or more of the 9 little letters. Repeat the process to erase any little letter, or simply click on a letter (without holding down the SHIFT key) to erase all the pencilmarks in that cell.

Button «How am I doing?»
Use this button to check if there is any error in your current partial solution. If no error is found, the puzzle will tell you how many cells you still have to fill. If one or more errors are detected, the wrong cells will be highlighted on the Bible Wordoku, so that you can easily correct them.

The timer shows how long (in seconds, minutes and... hours!) you’ve been solving this Bible Wordoku. The timer starts as soon as you click the «Start» button or any letter in the grid. The «Pause» button stops the timer: click the button again or any letter in the grid to restart it. The «Reset» button, which appears after the timer is started, is used to reset the timer, not the puzzle. If you want to reset the puzzle, use the reload or refresh function of your browser.

After solving the Bible Wordoku...
When you have successfully completed the grid, the button «How am I doing?» will change to say «Congratulations!». The solution will appear at the left, and below it, you will see a short but interesting comment on the secret word or sentence. Don’t forget to read it!

Button «I give up... Please show me the solution.»
Ready to throw in the towel? Too bad... Well, click this button to reveal the solution. But please try to resist the temptation of pushing the button too soon!

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