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Evangelium Universalis

This toplist is reset on the first of each month.
 Cyberspace Ministry in French 
Cyberspace Ministry in French Welcome to our French-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 11369
Average 12920.4
 Cyberspace Ministry in English 
Cyberspace Ministry in English Welcome to our English-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 3282
Average 4063.9
 Cyberspace Ministry in Spanish 
Cyberspace Ministry in Spanish Welcome to our Spanish-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 2521
Average 2720.9
 Cyberspace Ministry in Bulgarian 
Cyberspace Ministry in Bulgarian Welcome to our Bulgarian-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 1871
Average 2131.7
 Cyberspace Ministry in German 
Cyberspace Ministry in German Welcome to our German-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 522
Average 481.3
 Cyberspace Ministry in Czech 
Cyberspace Ministry in Czech Welcome to our Czech-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 187
Average 151
 Cyberspace Ministry in Romanian 
Cyberspace Ministry in Romanian Welcome to our Romanian-speaking visitors!
Movement: Up
This month 129
Average 179.6
 Cyberspace Ministry in Ukrainian 
Cyberspace Ministry in Ukrainian Welcome to our Ukrainian-speaking visitors!
Movement: Down
This month 128
Average 139.8
 Cyberspace Ministry in Portuguese 
Cyberspace Ministry in Portuguese Welcome to our Portuguese-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 97
Average 104.2
 Cyberspace Ministry in Thai 
Cyberspace Ministry in Thai Welcome to our Thai-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 80
Average 119.9
 Cyberspace Ministry in Chinese 
Cyberspace Ministry in Chinese Welcome to our Chinese-speaking visitors!
Movement: Neutral
This month 56
Average 83.5

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